British Pie Week happens every year and celebrates everything that is wonderful about Pies.  Great Britain is a nation of pie lovers and whilst our favourites differ from region to region, there is no denying the great British Pie has iconic culinary status.  


Normally, British Pie Week coincides with the British Pie Awards but, due to the international pandemic, this year is slightly different with the Awards due to take place later in the year.  But British Pie Week marches on and we’ll have information from the UKs best pie makers on how they plan to celebrate, as well as pie recipes to make at home and details of the best offers on pies!


British Pie Week is thought to have originated with Pastry makers Jus-Rol back in 2007 and caught the imagination of a nation and is now celebrated across the entire industry of pie makers.  


Pies are a broader category than you think too!  Britain’s favourite pie is largely thought to be Cottage Pie, which sits with other potato topped pies like Shepherd’s Pie and Fish Pie in the favourites list.  Then of course you have the traditional pastry enclosed pies where favourite fillings include Steak and Ale, Chicken and Mushroom and Meat and Potato.  Then fruit pies, cream pies – the list goes on – so much so that the British Pie Awards has 23 different classes!  


We’re going to aim to cover every pie conceivable over time here – so put your feet up and enjoy.  


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